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Cheap Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill


Saving On Utilities Is Easy

Whether you rent or own your home, energy costs are expensive. Utility bills are pricey in every season and continue to rise each year. If you don’t need the heat, odds are you need the cool. Luckily there are a few simple cost effective ways you can lower that bill and ensure it stays that way. Read below for our top 3 ways you can save on...
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Keeping Your Cool

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Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable with our HVAC Services.

Why risk your money or your time by using a fly by night HVAC company when you can hire the best? Only A-1 United has won awards over and over again from consumers just like you for superior service and the highest quality HVAC technology available.

Omaha Means Weather. And Weather Means a1United!

Here in Omaha we have our share of crazy weather conditions. That’s why so many...
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Winter Preparations

Preparing for Winter Winter is coming and we all know what that means, time to ensure the heater in your home is serviced and working properly. It’s very difficult on a cold Winter’s day to try and find a heating expert. Getting prepared for Winter is hard work, and most of the time the responsibility lies on the man of the house. Yes dads, we are talking to you! Difficult to Find Comfort at Affordable Prices Looking...
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Heating and air conditioning Experts

Importance of Your Heating & Air Conditioning Heating, air conditioning and electrical is highly important in a household. It plays and important role in your comfort as well as survival with regards to winter.  Wouldn’t you want to ensure that something as essential is being installed by professionals? Whilst one for the perks of it is easy to install, the important thing is that it is beneficial for you as well. Find A Good Company to...
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Three Tips To Maintaining Your Furnace


1. Test Early
Before winter sets in, make sure you give your furnace a test run. You don’t want to be stuck in freezing temperatures and have it break down on you.

2. Clean Vents
Once a year you should vacuum ducts and wipe down all vents. Otherwise you will simultaneously be heating your home and covering it in a nice layer of dust.

3. Check Under The Hood

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