Many homeowners use their garage for a lot more than keeping their cars out of the sun and rain. Some people like using their garages for extra household storage while others keep all their gardening or lawn care equipment safe. Some people even turn their garages into a workshop for carpentry, restoration or other hobbies. It can be a very useful space, but garages aren’t always comfortable.

Most garages aren’t finished, and many of them are detached from the home. This leaves them much more exposed to the daily shifts in temperature. On hot summer or cold winter days, trying to get anything done in the garage is very uncomfortable if not outright impossible. Fortunately, there’s a specific kind of HVAC system perfect for these situations. A mini-split system is a great idea for your garage, and here are 5 reasons why.

Mini-Splits Are Highly Energy Efficient

One of the most obvious benefits of a mini-split system is robust energy efficiency. These HVAC systems are specifically designed to provide climate control for smaller spaces, including a garage. You can have one installed and not have to worry about wasting energy on keeping your garage comfortable.

No Ductwork Is Necessary

Also known as a ductless mini-split, this type of HVAC equipment doesn’t require a system or air ducts. The lack of air ducts simplifies mini-split installation and bypasses the heating and cooling losses often found in ductwork.

Heat Pump Models Offer Heating and Cooling

Mini-split installers in Omaha can offer both AC-only models as well as dual-function heat pump models. Mini-split heat pump installation in Omaha, NE, will offer you the chance to keep your garage a comfortable temperature all year-round. And since heat pumps don’t generate their own heating and instead pull it from outside, you’ll also enjoy particularly high energy efficiency.

You Can Install Them on Walls or the Ceiling

Another great benefit of installing a mini-split is the sheer versatility of where you can set yours up. Different models are designed to be installed on the wall, along the floor and even up in the ceiling. This kind of flexibility ensures you can find the perfect place in your own garage for a ductless mini-split system.

Potential Rebates and an Increase in Home Value

Because of their high energy efficiency, mini-split installers and even local utility companies often offer rebates and other ways to save money. This is especially true for ENERGY STAR® certified models, which meet federal guidelines for energy efficiency. Don’t hesitate to reach out to local technicians, utility companies and anyone else who can help you save money on efficient HVAC products.

Like other upgrades, adding a new HVAC system to your home is a great way to increase its value. Unlike cosmetic additions, a new HVAC system can be used by the next homeowner if you want to sell. You may not get a guaranteed increase in your home’s potential selling price, but it will certainly boost the likelihood. Who knows; by the time you’re thinking about selling, a climate-controlled garage may be just what a potential buyer needs to make a decision.

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