In some cases, it is the HVAC accessories that can offer enormous benefits. A smart thermostat is one such accessory. It improves how you use your HVAC system day to day, improving efficiency and lowering your monthly bill.

Utility companies offer programs that can make getting a smart thermostat more affordable. We’ll review what a smart thermostat is and why you could benefit from it and the program from the Omaha Public Power district. If you’re considering smart thermostat installation in Omaha, NE, make sure to get all the details about this program!

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat lets you better control your heating and cooling comfort. As you adjust the temperature or set schedules, your smart thermostat remembers these changes and develops an understanding of your comfort preferences. It eventually handles those changes automatically, letting you relax.

It can start to cool the house down when you leave work, or for while you’re in the kitchen cooking over a hot stove. Smart thermostats can even monitor energy prices and can adjust the heating or cooling to get prices at their lowest, ensuring every way to save is taken advantage of.

Omaha’s Public Power District Offers Rebates and Annual Credits

Since a smart thermostat can optimize your daily energy use, many companies are on the forefront of this trend and pushing to install newer technology in more homes. Local power districts, energy providers and other groups have created incentives for smart thermostat installation. Omaha’s Public Power District offers one such smart thermostat program.

By installing and enrolling an eligible smart thermostat, you can receive a one-time bill credit as well as an annual credit for every year you remain enrolled. This is offered for Ecobee, Emerson, Honeywell and Nest thermostats. Many smart thermostat installers in Omaha, NE, prefer these brands for their reliability and overall performance.

The program allows the OPPD to access your smart thermostat and adjust the temperature during periods of high energy use. For up to 15 weekdays per year, they can adjust the temperature during peak use times to help reduce strain on the power grid and prevent costs from spiking.

When controlled by OPPD, your thermostat will first precool or preheat your home for an hour. It will then adjust the set temperature by 1 to 3 degrees warmer or cooler. This adjustment is reversed when the peak use event is over, returning your thermostat’s settings to your preferences.

Will a Smart Thermostat Really Save Money?

Absolutely. A smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature based on energy prices as well as the hottest/coldest times of day. When used correctly, many homeowners can see a significant reduction in their monthly energy bill. For example, the Nest Learning Thermostat says it provides an average savings of 12-13% with the potential for more.

Install a Smart Thermostat That Pays for Itself

If you are flexible with your daily preferred temperature, OPPD’s smart thermostat program could be a great way for you to minimize your heating and cooling costs. Their rebate could help you get a free smart thermostat, which will offer amazing comfort benefits for years to come.