It’s no secret that Omaha summers can be brutally hot. As temperatures rise, air conditioners become a lifesaver for homeowners everywhere. But like any HVAC system, air conditioners require regular maintenance to keep them in great shape. If you don’t service your air conditioner on a regular basis, it can lead to a number of problems, including decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. In extreme cases, an air conditioner that isn’t properly maintained can break down completely.

So how often should you service your air conditioner? The answer may vary depending on the make and model of your unit, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. We’ll share when and how often you should schedule air conditioning maintenance in Omaha, NE. You’ll also learn about what a maintenance visit accomplishes and how you can help support an efficient HVAC system.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Most air conditioners should be serviced at least once a year, but this can depend on the model. Some air conditioners may need to be serviced more often, especially if they’re used heavily or located in dusty/dirty environments. An annual visit is enough time for professional technicians to closely examine your air conditioner. They can watch for potential problems and keep the most important components in working shape.

Ideally, two maintenance visits a year can reduce your risk of damage or component failure. You’ll also enjoy the best possible energy efficiency, which means lower monthly bills. Regardless of how many maintenance calls you request, certain times of year are better suited to AC maintenance.

When’s the Best Time to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Some homeowners think that servicing their air conditioners in winter is best because of lower prices. While costs might be down, running your air conditioner in cold weather can actually damage components like the compressor. Instead, the best time to schedule AC service is in the spring. Not only is this before hotter summer weather, but you’ll stay ahead of possible problems and the busiest season for technicians.

If you don’t get a chance to schedule maintenance in the spring, requesting service in fall is better than no maintenance at all. Your AC system likely won’t be used for several months, and problems can form in that time. A fall visit gives your air conditioner the best chance at avoiding a spring surprise.

What Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Consist of?

During air conditioning maintenance visits, the technician performs a thorough inspection of your system. This includes checking all major components such as the compressor, condenser, and evaporator coils to make sure they’re in good shape. The technician will also inspect the air conditioner’s ductwork for any leaks or damage as this can reduce performance. Once the inspection portion is complete, the technician will thoroughly clean your air conditioner and make any necessary repairs. They may also add Freon or other refrigerants to top off your air conditioner’s levels.

Here are a few other services common with air conditioning maintenance:

  • Check and clean the air filter
  • Examine all electrical components and wiring
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Review the evaporator coils and drainage system
  • Test the thermostat
  • Measure airflow

Other Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

As you can see, a professional maintenance visit can have a big impact on the condition and efficiency of your air conditioner. But did you know that you can also perform some AC maintenance tasks of your own? Here are two things you can do that make a real difference.

Regularly clean or replace your air filter. Your HVAC system’s air filter is a vital component to effective heating and cooling. Dust, pollen and other debris gradually clogs the filter, and these particles can eventually reach your AC system. Staying on top of the air filter can help keep your air conditioner as clean as possible. A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical offers a free air filter reminder service, but generally you should replace or clean air filters every few months.

Keep yard debris away from the outdoor unit. The outdoor cabinet of your air conditioner is a little exposed to the weather, animals and yard debris like sticks and leaves. Leave a small area around the air conditioner clear of these things to lower the risk they’ll get into your HVAC system. This may include trimming bushes or removing yard waste that’s already gotten into the outdoor unit.

If you haven’t scheduled air conditioning maintenance yet, it’s never too late for servicing. When it comes to heating and cooling in Omaha, NE, there’s a reason why more homeowners trust us. You can request air conditioning maintenance from A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical by giving us a call at 402-593-7500.