Smoke alarms are an excellent layer of protection to have at home. They can notify you of the presence of smoke, most often from a fire. A fast response can minimize damage and allow enough time for people to safely exit their homes. New models of smoke detectors are taking advantage of smart home technology, becoming smart smoke detectors. These smart devices are capable of alerting you to smoke faster than traditional alarms and come loaded with extra features.

Calling an electrician in Omaha to install smart smoke detectors in your home can be a great investment. Let’s review how smart smoke detectors differ from your standard alarm and what the benefits of smart smoke detector installation is.

What Is a Smart Smoke Detector?

The core function of the smart smoke detector remains the same; they’ll notify you when they recognize the presence of smoke. But that’s where the similarities stop, because smart detectors can offer a whole lot more.

How do they work? Like other smart devices, a smart smoke detector is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi or other network. This allows all the alarms to communicate with each other as well as any devices you have the relevant app installed on. It could be your phone or tablet, and this app allows you to control the alarm remotely.

Are they worth installing in my home? Just as regular alarms are an invaluable part of staying safe, smart smoke alarms are a great investment. What’s more, they can alert you to smoke faster and more directly than regular detectors. When every second counts, a smart smoke detector can offer more time to call emergency services.

How many do I need to install? This can vary from home to home. For example, households that cook often or have older electrical systems may benefit from additional alarms. In general, you want alarms in or right outside every bedroom as well as on every floor. This ensures everyone at home is likely to hear the smoke detector when it goes off.

Benefits of Smart Smoke Detectors

If you’re still on the fence about installing smart smoke detectors, consider the following benefits and how they can improve your sense of safety and peace of mind at home:

  • Instant notifications through the app: A smart smoke detector will still make noise, but you’ll also receive notifications to your phone or tablet. By providing more ways for the alarm to notify you, you’re more likely to be able to respond quickly.
  • Can distinguish smoke from cooking: Every now and then someone burns dinner or microwave popcorn. Some models of smart smoke detectors can distinguish between smoke from fires, fumes from cooking and even shower steam.
  • Some models detect carbon monoxide: There are makes and models of smart smoke detectors that include alarms for carbon monoxide. This odorless, colorless gas can be hazardous, making a 2-in-1 alarm especially useful.
  • Connected to other alarms: Smart detectors are connected to one another and can communicate instantaneously. If one alarm goes off, they all will to make sure the entire house is properly alerted to smoke.

Call a Certified Electrician in Omaha for Installation Support

Many models of smart smoke detectors should be hardwired into your home. This kind of installation job is better suited for professional electricians since they have the proper tools and training. An experienced technician will install your smart smoke detectors with secure connection to your home and electrical system.

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