A comfortable home should be a safe home, free from worry about hazards to your health. One of the more difficult problems to detect is carbon monoxide. This gas is colorless, odorless and can accumulate in your home. Common sources are car exhaust, furnaces, fireplaces and stoves. Homes vent away this dangerous gas, but a small leak or crack can be hard to notice.

That’s where a smart carbon monoxide detector comes in. It can monitor your home’s air quality and alert you when it picks up trace amounts of the gas. As a smart home system, it includes other useful features that improve the security of your home. An alarm is hardwired into your home, so make sure to leave smart carbon monoxide installation to a trained and certified electrician in Omaha. Let’s review five reasons a smart alarm is worth it.

What Is a Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Like regular smoke alarms, a smart carbon monoxide detector is designed to alert you when it recognizes the presence of carbon monoxide. Traditional alarms are also often battery powered due to the small amount of electricity they need to work. Smart carbon monoxide detectors come with Wi-Fi connectivity and other useful features, making them ideal for being hardwired into your home. Some models are designed to be stand-alone while others can detect smoke as well as carbon monoxide.

Benefits of Installing a Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Precise early warning system: A smart alarm offers incredibly fast detection of carbon monoxide. Because it’s odorless and colorless, carbon monoxide can start causing symptoms long before people recognize there’s a problem.

Remote notifications: Even if you’re not at home, other members of your family, including pets, may be exposed during a carbon monoxide leak. With remote alerts to your smart phone or similar device, you can take care of things no matter where you are.

Detailed safety information: Older alarms will just produce a loud noise when it detects carbon monoxide. But a smart carbon monoxide detector will be more specific with the information, such as the rooms or spaces it has noticed the gas.

Connected to other smart home alarms: Whether you’re playing loud music or you’re in the shower, sometimes you just don’t hear an alarm go off. A smart carbon monoxide detector will connect to all the other alarms to ensure everyone at home can notice the problem.

Smart smoke alarm models distinguish potential hazards: If your carbon monoxide detector also monitors smoke, it can distinguish between legitimate hazards and something like burning popcorn. This kind of precision ensures you always know when to take steps to protect you and your family.

A smart carbon monoxide detector can be a great investment for your home. Because it’s an important safety measure, you should leave installation to a local electrician in Omaha you trust. The certified pros at A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical can get the job done right.