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Regulate Your Home Temperature

thermometer snow Heating your home during the cold season can drive up quite the bill if you are not careful.  Most people come home from work and in a cold panic, they turn their heater all the way up until their home warms up to a satisfactory level.  Obviously, there are a few things wrong with this: you drive your costs up by blasting the heat, and your system is put under a lot of strain. To remedy this, we offer a digital system that can be controlled from your cell phone! ...
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Winter Warmth


Heating your Home this Winter

Although you are already covered heating your home with A-1 United, remembering a few extra tips will help you stay warm all winter.  While your heater is turned on, warmth can come from little things you do around your home. Making a fire in your fire place is not only comforting and beautiful, but it is a great way to generate heat that will permeate through your home.  Also, keeping the window blinds open during the day will let the sun naturally warm your home.  By taking...
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Take Advantage of the Sun with Lennox Solar Units


Lennox Solar Cooling and Heating

Although the summer days and summer weather are months behind us, you can still get something out of the sunny days. Nebraska may not be known for being sun-soaked, but you can still benefit from the solar rays with the Lennox Solar Unit. By using this innovative device you can harness the power of the sun and put it to work for you!

Air Conditioning in Omaha

Whether you are seeking to help the earth or just help your finances, the Lennox Solar-Equipped unit makes a lot of...
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Cheap Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill


Saving On Utilities Is Easy

Whether you rent or own your home, energy costs are expensive. Utility bills are pricey in every season and continue to rise each year. If you don’t need the heat, odds are you need the cool. Luckily there are a few simple cost effective ways you can lower that bill and ensure it stays that way. Read below for our top 3 ways you can save on energy and utility bills.
  • Keep Equipment Running Smoothly. Maintaining you’re A/C and heating unit will drop the price of your electric...
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Keeping Your Cool

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Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable with our HVAC Services.

Why risk your money or your time by using a fly by night HVAC company when you can hire the best? Only A-1 United has won awards over and over again from consumers just like you for superior service and the highest quality HVAC technology available.

Omaha Means Weather. And Weather Means a1United!

Here in Omaha we have our share of crazy weather conditions. That’s why so many consumers trust us to install, maintain and service their heating and cooling systems. Call or visit us online to find...
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