Cooler weather is on its way, and many homes will be switching on their furnaces for the first time in several months. That’s enough time for a variety of problems to appear. Whether it’s damage or a faulty component, you don’t want to start winter with a broken furnace!

Routine furnace maintenance from A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical can ensure your furnace is prepared for anything. Our expert technicians can perform comprehensive inspections, checking for anything that could prevent your furnace from working as intended. And if we find something, it can be resolved then and there.

But did you know there are also a few tasks you can handle on your own? If you want your furnace to work as efficiently as possible, continue reading below!

5 Furnace Maintenance Tips

1. Perform a Test Run

Many problems aren’t noticeable until the furnace is actually running. Before the weather gets too cold, give your heating a test run. Strange noises or inconsistent heat are signs something is malfunctioning.

Another benefit of an early test run is clearing out dust and debris. You may notice a slight burning odor as this happens, so open a few windows for some extra ventilation. Contact professional technicians if the smell lingers.

2. Clean Vent Openings and Ductwork

The time it takes to switch from your air conditioner to your furnace is enough for dust and grime to accumulate on vent openings. Not only can this restrict airflow, but turning your HVAC system on will send dust billowing across your home.

Vacuum or wipe away any debris that has collected on or near the air registers. For optimum airflow, it’s also a good idea to move any furniture that’s too close to the vent openings.

3. Visually Inspect Internal Components

You don’t need years of experience with HVAC equipment to take a look under the hood. Look for damaged connections and wipe things down with a dust-free cloth. If you notice something that seems hazardous, don’t hesitate to hire a professional instead.

Make sure the furnace is off before you start. If you own a gas furnace and notice the smell of a leak, turn the gas off immediately and exit your home. Alert emergency services as soon as you can so they can take the appropriate steps.

The emergency line for MUD is 402-554-7777. You can also contact 911.

4. Replace or Clean the Air Filter

Keeping up with air filter maintenance is one of the best and easiest things you can do for the health of your furnace. Many furnace air filters should be changed monthly to ensure smooth circulation and good indoor air quality.

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Check HVAC Accessories Like the Thermostat

While not part of the furnace itself, accessories like the thermostat can still cause problems. For example, unsecure connections or malfunctioning programming can result in short cycling. Not only does this reduce the efficiency of your heating, but it also puts additional strain on internal components like the blower motor.

You’ll also want to make sure any carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly. Unlike air conditioning, your furnace produces this colorless and odorless gas. Most carbon monoxide leaks are caused by a damaged heat exchanger. Technicians from A-1 United can replace the exchanger as part of our effective furnace repair.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance from A-1 United

Heating your home in winter is easier when you have experts from A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical on your side. Our maintenance service is fast, efficient and checks for a wide range of possible problems. We can also identify the sources for ductwork or carbon monoxide leaks.

We’re happy to do everything we can to ensure your furnace is ready for an Omaha winter. For more information about our services for furnace repair in Omaha, NE, and furnace installation in Omaha, NE, get in touch with our staff today. You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone at 402-593-7500.