A quality furnace can keep homes in and around Omaha warm all winter long. But just because your furnace is working doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. A well-maintained furnace can last up to 20 years, but there’s a chance your furnace can fail sooner. As your local service company, A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical knows how frustrating surprise equipment failure can be.

Luckily, there are signs you can look out for. They won’t always mean your heating is about to fail, but they often point to damage or other concerns that can reduce the efficiency of your furnace and cause other problems. If you ignore them for too long, you may be faced with replacing your furnace sooner than you thought.

We’ve shared a few of the most common signs that can mean you’re due for furnace installation in Omaha, NE.

5 Signs Your Furnace Should Be Replaced

1. Furnace Age

The average life span of a furnace is between 15 and 20 years. Heavy use and poor upkeep can make that life span much shorter. On the other hand, investing in routine maintenance from trained technicians can help your furnace continue to run as efficiently as possible.

A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical provides comprehensive furnace maintenance designed to keep every aspect of your heating system clean and in good working order.

2. Rising Energy Costs

The older your furnace gets, the less energy efficient it becomes. You’ll notice a steady increase in monthly heating costs, but an unseen problem can cause your monthly bill to spike. If you find an unexplainable increase in your heating bill, your furnace may be starting to fail.

3. Loud or Unusual Noises

All furnaces should make some noise as a part of normal operation. But if they become loud or unpleasant, it could be evidence of a problem. Try to determine where the sound is coming from as well as how you might describe it. This information can help technicians from A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical determine whether there’s a problem or just something caught in your ductwork.

4. Poor or Inconsistent Heating

Even if your furnace is working, that doesn’t mean it’s working as well as it could. Have you noticed hot or cold spots in your home? Does it take longer for your furnace to produce the same amount of heat? Inadequate heating can take several forms and is often a sign of something wrong.

Some furnaces experience what’s called short cycling. The furnace starts and stops too quickly to complete an efficient heating cycle. This can occasionally happen when the thermostat is too close to a source of heat. You may also experience short cycling if your furnace is too powerful for the rest of your HVAC system. Our technicians have years of experience recommending the ideal furnace.

5. Constant Service Calls

A sudden increase in the number of calls for furnace repair in Omaha, NE, is a surefire sign something is wrong. We’re happy to provide prompt and affordable repairs, but we want you to have the best long-term solutions available. At a certain point, you’ll be paying more in constant repairs than what a new installation would cost.

Tips for Furnace Maintenance

If you’d like to keep your furnace running smoothly, consider investing the time needed for these simple maintenance tasks:

  • Keep the furnace and nearby area clean: As dust, sediment and other grime accumulates, it can clog up your furnace and reduce efficiency. Periodically clean the furnace itself as well as the area around it to prevent dirt from getting inside delicate components.
  • Routinely clean or replace the air filter: Your furnace’s air filter is a strong layer of defense. It stops many airborne particles like dust and pet dander from getting into your furnace and ductwork. Clean or replace the filter every couple of months, or according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Monitor the rest of your HVAC system: The rest of your HVAC system as well as accessories like the thermostat can malfunction. These problems can eventually reach your furnace, causing issues of their own.

For more tips, check out our furnace maintenance blog!

A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical Offers Seamless Replacement

When your furnace is on its last legs, call A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical for outstanding replacement services. Our expert staff can recommend the ideal replacement model, and ensure any furnace is seamlessly installed with the rest of your HVAC system.

Don’t let a furnace breakdown sneak up on you. For more information, get in touch with us online or over the phone at 402-593-7500 today.