More people in the Omaha-Metro are considering alternative energy sources to heat and cool their homes and businesses. Fortunately, the most effective and efficient way to save energy while heating and cooling your home or business is the most abundant – solar energy.

Solar energy systems utilize sunlight (which is free) and converts it into a power source. For both heating and cooling, solar energy is effective and efficient, as it creates no carbon dioxide like electricity generated from a power plant.

The energy savings provided by solar energy transfers into savings on your utility costs. More power coming from your solar energy system means less money being paid to your utilities company.

Why Solar Pays Off Over Time

Often, people shy away from installing solar panels because of concern about the initial installation cost. Adding a solar energy source to your heating and air conditioning system was previously extremely costly; however, it has recently become much simpler and affordable. At A1 United we use solar energy systems developed of Lennox, a leading manufacturer in the heating and cooling industry. The solar modules are installed on the roof, so as not make a huge difference in a homes’ appearance, and are robust and can withstand most brutal weather conditions.

So the question is – is solar right for you? The best way to find out is to speak with one of our sales professionals at A1 United. They can share all the up-front costs, tax incentives and savings you will compound over the years to help you make an educated decision.