The electrical panel in your home is crucial for powering appliances, lighting and outlets. It ensures that the right amount of electricity reaches each area. However, issues with the panel can disrupt numerous systems in your home. While most homeowners don’t think about their electrical panel unless a circuit breaker trips and needs to be reset, there could be signs of trouble they don’t recognize. If there is a brewing problem in your electrical panel, it’s critical to quickly reach out to a skilled professional electrician.

Even though your electrical panel is tucked away in the basement or utility closet, there are still ways to recognize a potential problem. We’ll go over some of the most common signs your electrical panel needs to be replaced. If replacement is necessary, it’s best to contact a certified electrician in Omaha. They can resolve electrical problems quickly and safely.

Buzzing or Humming Sounds

Electrical panels don’t make noise as part of their normal operation. If you hear something like a soft buzzing or humming sound, there’s likely a problem. These sounds can be indicative of damaged or faulty wiring as well as a bad connection.

The Panel Smells Fishy or Like It’s Burning

Just like with unusual sounds, your electrical panel shouldn’t be giving off odd or unpleasant odors. The most common one smells like something is burning, a sign that the panel is overloaded or has a poor connection. Excessive wattage increases the temperature, which can damage the panel as well as nearby wood and plastic.

Flickering Lights or Tripped Breakers

The distribution of electricity in your home should be consistent and appropriate for each outlet or appliance. When the connections are damaged or the electrical panel is overloaded, the distribution can be affected. You may notice lights flicker as an appliance is plugged in or running. Another common sign is the panel’s breakers repeatedly tripping.

Other Signs You Need Electrical Panel Replacement

While the signs listed above are some of the most common indicators your electrical panel should be replaced, they’re not the only ones. There are a number of other things you can keep an eye on that point to electrical panel replacement, including:

  • The presence of rust on the panel: If you’ve noticed rust appearing on or near the electrical panel, it could mean there’s nearby water damage from a leak. If the leak isn’t resolved first, a new electrical panel will quickly be dealing with the same problem.
  • The age of your home: The average life span of an electrical panel can range from under 25 years to more than 40. The older your home is, the more likely the electrical system is outdated. New panels can handle a larger amount of power, making replacement a good investment if you’re expecting a large increase in daily electricity use.
  • Smelly or damaged outlets: Since the electrical system is connected through wiring, a problem with the electrical panel can appear elsewhere including your outlets. If you notice a burning smell or direct damage, you might end up tracing the problem back to your electrical panel.

Once you’ve identified there’s a problem with the electrical panel, it’s best to contact a licensed and insured electrician. Electricians in Omaha can handle your electrical problems with the correct tools and training.

Trust a Certified Electrician for Electrical Panel Replacement

Even if you think you know how to fix the problem, calling an electrician in Omaha is a good idea for several reasons:

Minimizing the risk of electrical fires – Electrical fires are a hazard when servicing the panel or nearby wiring. An experienced electrician will know how to minimize risks and keep your home safe.

Preventing further damage – Sometimes making an attempt at repairs ends up causing more damage. Rather than letting a simple problem spiral out of control, an electrician will know what steps to perform first to avoid damaging anything else.

Avoiding personal injury – No one wants a shock or other injury while trying to DIY an electrical problem. It’s less stressful to just sit back and let an expert electrician replace the electrical panel for you.

What Does Electrical Panel Replacement Cost?

You could expect to spend anywhere between $800 to more than $4,000 to replace the electrical panel. Newer panels with larger capacities will cost a little more but can accommodate a greater range of amperage. Your local electrician in Omaha can recommend quality panels tailored to your home and average electricity use.

Depending on what ruined the electrical panel, it may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. A good rule of thumb is that damage to the electrical panel is only covered if the source of the damage is also a covered peril, such as a flood or fire. If the problem resulted from age, lack of maintenance or similar things, you’ll have to pay for replacement yourself.

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