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Common Air Conditioning Problems

untitledAvoid Expensive Repairs

When your Air conditioning unit decides to stop working and temperatures soar in the summer heat, you need a quick fix. Most air conditioning repairs require professional help but homeowners can fix some common home A/C problems and troubleshoot them, themselves. Check the power to make sure the unit is plugged in if your condenser is not running. If so, check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse, then restore the power and see if it starts. If the thermostat isn’t set right, you can also start by...
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How to keep AC from Affecting Your Health

untitledIt is important to maintain clean air ducts.

It is officially summer time which means an increase in AC usage. Which also means not only an extra dent in your pocket but a dent in your health as well. Professionals in this industry have warned again health issues due to poorly maintained and old AC units. Fortunately, the problem can easily be fixed, by keeping up with the maintenance. It is very important to do this if you want to reduce health problems, especially when there is visible mold and dust. Having the debris...
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Home HVAC Hacks


Getting your system to run more efficiently

If the cost of your energy bill is throwing you for a loop, there are clever HVAC tips to employ which’ll lighten the load. These tips are geared towards increasing your system’s efficiency, thus cutting down your utility bill. Use them and save! Air Filter – You may not need to replace it once a month, just inspect it once a month. When you can barely see through it, it’s time to get a new filter. Normal lifespan of a filter is 60-90 days. • Ducts...
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Omaha homes, put away and dust off

Meet spring - not quite winter, not quite summer – the season that arrives with its own attitude. Revival is a prominent tenant of the spring style, endorsing a time of landscaping, rearranging, and deep cleaning. A common spring ritual, especially for Omaha homes, is the systematic stowing of winter goods (jackets, sleds, etc) and the fetching of summer commodities (bathing suits, sandals, etc). We shake off hibernation, and prepare for the heat.

The same goes for your HVAC system

It is imperative that your heating,...
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Making the Right HVAC Decisions in Omaha


Many factors to consider

Of the many challenges a homeowner faces, understanding HVAC, is one of the most challenging. Each home is different, as is the HVAC system that supports it. The path to realizing how your home supports a complex HVAC network is difficult, with a long list of units, building codes, and materials to consider. Especially in Omaha, where the weather is quite polarizing and HVAC is necessary. A professional is integral to help wade through the options.

The value of an expert

At the onset of an inquiry into your...
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