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Lennox Products for Omaha Heating and Air Customers

At A1 United Heating and Air, our Omaha HVAC service and installation professionals are committed to providing excellent service and products. All members of our team are equipped to service any type of heating or air part, no matter the manufacturer. But when it comes to new installation of heating or air parts, we prefer to provide our residential and commercial customers with the highest quality in HVAC. Lennox is one of our preferred manufacturers at A1 United. Their products and...
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Using Home Zoning Solutions to Heat and Cool a Home

Living in a climate like Omaha, the weather can be on opposite extremes. Winter is extremely cold and summer is extremely hot. This makes heating your home fairly challenging. Between freezing, sweating and wasting money on inefficient home energy – there has got to be an easy and comfortable way to heat and cool your home, right? Right! The answer is a home zoning solution. Typically, with this type of home heating and cooling solution there are 3 or 4 zones...
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ENERGY STAR Products for Heating and AC

Most of our Omaha customers are concerned about efficiency when it comes to their heating and air conditioning. Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment, but also for the wallet. For the last several years, you’ve likely heard about ENERGY STAR ratings. Products can earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting a set of energy efficiency requirements. These requirements ensure that consumers are receiving properly tested, highly efficient products from reputable manufacturers. At A1 United, we carry many ENERGY...
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