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Comfort going wireless, control your thermostat from your smart phone.

A thermostat that can be controlled by your I-pad, I-phone, or any Android base product.  Local weather on your screen,  Custom photos on your screen during idle mode.  Alerts sent to you via e-mail if your home gets to cold or to hot.  and much more.

More Information on the wireless conection will be coming soon, a June 21st release is scheduled.  Please see information on the icomfort standard below for all the features of the thermostat.

icomfort Touch® Touchscreen Thermostat

So simple. So smart. So comfortable.®

Sophisticated yet easy to use, the icomfort Touch® thermostat synchronizes our most advanced heating and cooling products to meet your specific comfort needs. The result is the highest level of comfort and innovation Lennox has to offer.

Here are some of the top features of icomfort Touch®:

Conserve energy by easily programming while away from your home or sleeping.

Easy to use tabs simplify programming with the day of week, time of day and temperature displayed on one page.

Large touchscreen with blue background and white characters allows for comfortable viewing.

On-screen maintenance reminders for filter replacement and service.

Exchanges information with other icomfort-enabled equipment.

Conserve energy—by easily programming while away from your home or sleeping

Automatic changeover—decides between heating and cooling and dehumidification and humidification, depending on outdoor temperature and indoor setpoints

Intuitive tabbed interface—makes programming effortless—set the schedule based on day of the week and time of day

Exchanges information—with other icomfort-enabled equipment

Programmable   Fan option—allows you to Program comfort-system   fan for continuous or intermittent air circulationHumidity   control—thermostat automatically controls   whole-house humidity-control systems, based on programmed set-pointsProgramming   options—select temperature for 7-day or   5-day/2-day settingLarge   touchscreen—with blue background and white   characters allows for comfortable viewingDigital   display—shows temperature, program status and   indoor humidity informationEasy   to navigate—user-friendly tabs simplify   programming. Day of week, time of day and temperature displayed on one pageOn-screen   maintenance reminders—for filter replacement and   serviceQuality   you can trust—designed with reliable, time-tested   components5-Year   Limited Warranty on covered components.

icomfort Touch thermostat must be installed with an icomfort™-enabled indoor unit for maximum performance.


Video on the Icomfort can be found here

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