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Why is my house dry?



Why is my home dry?  Why do I have dry skin in the winter?

Our bodies and our homes have comfort levels.  Although they may not be the same we find a balance of temperature and humidity that gives us a comfort level, because it is more than having a warm or cool home, it is about your comfort.

 One of our most asked questions is why does the air in my home get so dry when the humidity level outside is high?


 The easiest way to explain the dry air is 3 simple facts.

1    No matter how tight we make our homes we do require some outdoor air to enter our homes to make up for lost air from flue pipes, exhaust fans, clothes dryer and general leakage that will occur.

2   If outdoor air, we bring in to replace our exhausted air, is 30° at 80% relative humidity it will have 20 grains of moisture per pound.

3   When we bring that air into our home and heat it to 72° we still have 20 grains of moisture per pound, using psychometric s we can now find the new value of 18% relative humidity for our air.

 Another way to help imagine what’s going on is that hot air will expand.  If you take a cubic foot of the same outdoor air and heat it so it expands four times its original size, the moisture does not expand but splits between each cubic foot equally.  To get the same percentage of air from each cubic foot we would need a means to add humidity.

 Adding an Aprilaire Humidifier can add moisture to your air finding a comfortable level for you and your home. 

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