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Using Home Zoning Solutions to Heat and Cool a Home

Living in a climate like Omaha, the weather can be on opposite extremes. Winter is extremely cold and summer is extremely hot. This makes heating your home fairly challenging. Between freezing, sweating and wasting money on inefficient home energy – there has got to be an easy and comfortable way to heat and cool your home, right?

Right! The answer is a home zoning solution. Typically, with this type of home heating and cooling solution there are 3 or 4 zones – which are designated areas of the home. Working with your HVAC, it will increase, reduce or shut off heating and cooling in each zone by opening and closing dampers located inside the home’s air ducts. A thermostat and control panel work to control each zone independently. So, when one zone is not needed, the dampers close in order to redirect the air to other zones. When the thermostat reaches the desired temperature the air will again be redirected. This system maintains comfort levels while reducing energy use and utility costs. If a zoning system is used properly, it can pay for itself in as few as two to five years.

At A1 United we can install a Lennox zoning solution in your home. Our heating and air conditioning professionals will visit with you to discuss what is best for your family and your home.


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