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A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical has been the trusted source for dependable air conditioning repair in Fremont, NE, for more than 50 years. Our team of skilled technicians can quickly repair all types of AC units thanks to our strong connections with local suppliers. Discover our services today and feel the difference!

We’re a proud, certified, local Lennox Premier Dealer, and our services also include comprehensive air conditioning installation in Fremont, NE, for those seeking to upgrade to a modern, energy-efficient system.

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With our AC repair in Fremont, NE, you can enjoy efficient and reliable cooling for years to come. Our team has years of experience working with all makes and models of air conditioners.

Here are five benefits of choosing our skilled technicians for your air conditioner repair needs:

  • Increased Comfort: Our AC repair technicians can diagnose and fix any problems that are affecting your unit’s ability to cool. This ensures you have an enjoyable climate in your home or office all year-round.
  • Reduced Energy Bills: A properly functioning air conditioning system uses less energy, leading to lower bills. If you call A-1 United, we will make sure your AC is fixed, running efficiently and not wasting energy.
  • Extended Unit Life: Our cooling specialists can identify any problems before they become major issues, which could help extend the life of your unit.
  • Reduced Noise: The expert staff at A-1 United can check for any problems that may be causing excessive noise, allowing you to enjoy a quieter environment in your home or office.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your air conditioning system is functioning correctly and safely can give you peace of mind. When you call A-1 United for repair or air conditioning maintenance, you can rest assured that it won’t let you down when you need it the most.

Should I Replace or Repair My Air Conditioner?

Overall, the decision to repair your old AC or invest in an air conditioning replacement should be based on a variety of factors. Here are the three most important things to consider when making that decision for your home:

  1. Cost: The first factor to consider when choosing whether to repair or replace your air conditioner is cost. In most cases, it’s more cost-effective to repair a broken air conditioner than it is to replace it with a new one. However, if the repairs are extensive, or if the system has been in use for 10 years or more, you may find that investing in a new system is the better choice.
  2. Efficiency: Replacing an old air conditioner with a modern unit can significantly improve efficiency. New systems use less energy and require fewer repairs, so they’ll save you money on utility bills over time. If an older unit has become inefficient, it’s probably time for an upgrade.
  3. Comfort: Replacing your air conditioner can improve the comfort of your home. Newer systems provide more consistent temperatures and better air circulation throughout the house. This can make hot days more bearable and help everyone in your household stay comfortable year-round.

The next time your cooling starts giving you trouble, give your local HVAC pros a call. A-1 United Heating, Air & Electrical and our team of experts will offer the professional AC repair in Fremont you deserve. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 402-593-7500 today.


Richard Hayes


Rich started his HVAC career in 2000. His experience is in the repair and maintenance of commercial and residential HVAC units, with some time as an installation technician. In 2015 he joined the A-1 United team as a service technician, and in 2017 he became the A-1 United Service Manager. Rich is fully licensed, EPA, NATE, and Unlimited Masters license. He exerts a great deal of effort into ensuring his technicians can provide our customers with reliable and quality service with continued education and training.

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Great job by all. They were careful of the landscape replacing the A/C unit. Inside the heating system was replaced and the fit and finish was great. Explained the operation of everything. They came back two weeks later and checked out the operation of the systems plus installation. The tech was here over an hour checking out everything. New system is quiet. This is a company that care about its customer. We highly recommend A-1.