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Wifi I Comfort by Lennox

Icomfort Wi-Fi Lennox Thermostat

**Now Available** Once again, Lennox delivers. The new icomfort Wi-Fi™ thermostat represents new thinking in connectivity, convenience and control for your customers. In addition to being a truly advanced digital thermostat, the icomfort Wi-Fi opens up a whole new set of features once it's connected to your customers' home wireless network. It's brilliant, it's convenient, and it's just what you'd expect from the innovation of Lennox.    

Introducing a thermostat that helps put their minds at...

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Comfort going wireless, control your thermostat from your smart phone.

A thermostat that can be controlled by your I-pad, I-phone, or any Android base product.  Local weather on your screen,  Custom photos on your screen during idle mode.  Alerts sent to you via e-mail if your home gets to cold or to hot.  and much more.

More Information on the wireless conection will be coming soon, a June 21st release is scheduled.  Please see information on the icomfort standard below for all the features of the thermostat.

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