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Dry Air

The six problems caused by dry air, and how to combat them. As the cold weather moves in, humidity levels naturally drop. That’s because cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air. Ideal indoor humidity during winter should hover around 45 percent. But dry winter air can cause your humidity to drop substantially, to levels of 15 percent or less. With this humidity imbalance come a number of potential problems that can affect your health, your home and especially...
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Adding Comfortable Humidity to your Home

Winter can be dry. And while it can be particularly humid in Nebraska, winter doesn’t often bring enough humidity for you or your family to be comfortable. Increasing humidity in the home will help not only dry skin, but also help relieve other problems associated with dry air like respiratory problems and sore throats. Dry indoor air is not only a problem because of the dry winter air, but also because of heaters. At A1 United, we can help assess your...
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