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Importance of Changing your Filters


Of course as you know there are a number of different types of filters on the market. The purpose of a filter is to keep your system components clean and thus the air it lets out. There are many consequences when you have a clogged filter on your hands.  A clogged air filter can cause extensive damage to your system. So if you check your air filter’s condition regularly, you ensure the longevity of your system, saving yourself a lot of money in possible repair cost and medical bills.

Did you know that dirt and neglect are one of the leading causes of heating and cooling systems breaking?  And did you also know that this fault is totally avoidable if we keep up our scheduled maintenance? Yes it is.

Healthy Air for Everyone

Most importantly, changing the air filter in your air conditioning system ensures cleaner, fresher, healthier air. This is better for everyone in your home, particularly children and the elderly, and most especially for those suffering from asthma and allergies.

A clean air filter means you are not constantly circulating dust, dust mites, pollen and other small particles in the air. Instead, your system will be able to purify the air, leaving it clean and healthy.

A1 Solution Can Help

A-1 United offers maintenance agreements, this service provides an overall check-up on your heating and cooling equipment, once a year for your heating unit and once a year for your cooling unit. This also includes filter replacements.

Call us today for more information on maintenance agreements or visit us online.



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