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Adding Comfortable Humidity to your Home

Winter can be dry. And while it can be particularly humid in Nebraska, winter doesn’t often bring enough humidity for you or your family to be comfortable. Increasing humidity in the home will help not only dry skin, but also help relieve other problems associated with dry air like respiratory problems and sore throats.

Dry indoor air is not only a problem because of the dry winter air, but also because of heaters. At A1 United, we can help assess your current heating system and make recommendations on how to improve indoor air quality and humidity. Our preferred heating and air product manufacturer, Lennox, offers A Healthy Climate humidifier that will work with your central heating and cooling system to keep humidity at a comfortable level, usually between 30% and 50%. This is a whole-home system and will control moisture in every room.

Humidity can be healthy for your family and your home. Often we hear about the frustrations associated with too much humidity – like mold and unwanted moisture. But when there’s not enough humidity it can cause health problems and increases risk of warping and cracking furniture. Give our heating and air conditioning professionals at A1 a call. They can help assess your home’s current system and make recommendations on how you can make your home healthier and more comfortable.

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