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Three Tips To Maintaining Your Furnace


1. Test Early
Before winter sets in, make sure you give your furnace a test run. You don’t want to be stuck in freezing temperatures and have it break down on you.

2. Clean Vents
Once a year you should vacuum ducts and wipe down all vents. Otherwise you will simultaneously be heating your home and covering it in a nice layer of dust.

3. Check Under The Hood
You should also open up your furnace to wipe everything down and make sure all the connections are secure....

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What It Means To Have Efficient Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical


The Effects of Poor Performing Equipment

A poorly maintained air conditioner, heater, or furnace can cause both physical and financial discomfort. Timely maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs, increase energy efficiency, and decrease downtime when your home requires hot or cold air.

Equipment With Issues

Having these things performing at an inefficient level can cause power bills to increase tremendously! This leads to other problems and issues that can become a huge financial burden. What is the answer to this problem you may ask? There are several avenues you can take if you...
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Getting Ready for Fall in Nebraska


Heat Pump Maintenance Important in Omaha

Fall is a beautiful season in Nebraska: finally the summer heat has subsided and the temperatures haven’t dropped yet for winter.


Winter is cold! Make sure you’re ready for the chilling Omaha temperatures by ensuring that your heater is fully up to date and in good condition. Good heating repair is essential to safety and comfort in the winter, and important to take care of early before winter chills descend.

Air Conditioning

While you may not be thinking about it as summer draws to a close, fall is the...
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Adding Comfortable Humidity to your Home

Winter can be dry. And while it can be particularly humid in Nebraska, winter doesn’t often bring enough humidity for you or your family to be comfortable. Increasing humidity in the home will help not only dry skin, but also help relieve other problems associated with dry air like respiratory problems and sore throats. Dry indoor air is not only a problem because of the dry winter air, but also because of heaters. At A1 United, we can help assess your current heating system and make recommendations on how to improve indoor air quality and humidity. Our preferred heating and air...
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Lennox Products for Omaha Heating and Air Customers

At A1 United Heating and Air, our Omaha HVAC service and installation professionals are committed to providing excellent service and products. All members of our team are equipped to service any type of heating or air part, no matter the manufacturer. But when it comes to new installation of heating or air parts, we prefer to provide our residential and commercial customers with the highest quality in HVAC. Lennox is one of our preferred manufacturers at A1 United. Their products and parts span a wide range of needs and budgets, allowing us to complete efficient and affordable service and installs across...
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