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How to keep AC from Affecting Your Health

untitledIt is important to maintain clean air ducts.

It is officially summer time which means an increase in AC usage. Which also means not only an extra dent in your pocket but a dent in your health as well. Professionals in this industry have warned again health issues due to poorly maintained and old AC units.

Fortunately, the problem can easily be fixed, by keeping up with the maintenance. It is very important to do this if you want to reduce health problems, especially when there is visible mold and dust. Having the debris cleaned out before you turn it on is also a way to prevent from circulating.

When something as simple as changing a filter doesn’t get done, it restricts the airflow. A1 United offers maintenance agreements which provides a check up on your equipment, as well as 15% discount on parts and labor fees. For more information visit our website or call (402)593-7500


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